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List Your Site

All listings on The Alphabet Directory are free. Create your account and enter your listing information. We only request a reciprocal link on your site.

To get more exposure, The Alphabet Directory offers several upgrades to your free listing. Please review what upgrades you can add to improve your exposure and click thru rate.

Listing Upgrades

All upgrades can be requested at any time.

Preferred Listing- Only $24 per year

Your listing shows at the Top of our Category/Subcategory section, at the top of the Letter of the alphabet that you fall in and at the top of keyword search results. If more than one Preferred Listings exists then they will randomly resolve at the top for equal exposure.

Sponsor Link of the Day-Only $10
Your listing will be featured on our home page for an entire day and you can schedule the day if no one else has chosen that day.

Unlimited Banner Ad Exposure-Only $10 per year
Increase your listings exposure by participating in our banner ad rotation program. Banner size is 468x60. Banners ads show up on the bottom of every page.

Logo-Only $10 per year
Get the attention of our visitors by placing a logo 88x31 next to your listing.

We have thought of it all. You can pick and choose the upgrades of your choice -- all upgrades are a la carte.


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